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48 Hours of Self-Quarantine With One Boy, Three Cats and a Closet Full of Snacks

Hi. My name is Amy, reporting live in a 680 sqft apartment in New York City with my boyfriend, his three cats and lots of snacks. My boyfriend and I are sticking together through corona-sickness and in health, and I’ll be blogging about this adventure along with tips on how to stay sane during these incovidient times.

We had a ‘What if’ convo…

Our first big discussion was what we would do if one of us was to get sick. We shared our fears and concerns openly and honestly. We decided that if one of us got sick, we’d stick together. This also meant that we’d both need to take social distancing seriously. I’m usually of an #abundancemindset and think I’m invincible, sometimes to a fault. So this has been a real adjustment for me- because now I’m thinking for the both of us. Goodbye sipping matcha at cafes.

We balanced out the division of labour (kinda)

We are quarantining at my boyfriend’s apartment, where he does a big chunk of the household chores. I’ve been pretty lazy in this department, but realize the importance of stepping it up during these times. So, now I’m on litterbox duty half the week, and am cooking more.

We made a make-shift sanitization station

For the times we go out for a walk, we have made a DIY sanitation station that consists of a cardboard box and lysol spray. When we walk back into the apartment, we de-robe and leave our outside clothes on the shelf so they don’t co-mingle with our indoor clothes.

We have something pretty to look at

There’s no better investment than some fresh flowers that can add some beauty while you’re spending all day inside. This is the time to get creative with entertaining yourself – we’ve created a list of things – from board games to movies, to making this website – so that we can keep the fun alive!

We listen to a guided meditation before bed

I was having terrible nightmares and horrible sleeps the entire week and I’m pretty reading the coronavirus news right before bed was the big contributing factor. Wayne Dyer once said that the most important time of the day is the 5 minutes before you sleep – as you’re setting up your subconscious mind for the next 7 hours of shuteye. Remember – your brain is still going when you sleep, so might as well prime it with some positive stuff. This is the meditation we’ve been listening to.

Alright, signing out, I’ve got snacks to eat and a livestream sandwich birthday party to prep for!